The Polish Academy of Sciences, Kórnik Library, attaches importance to the safety of the processed data, including the confidentiality of the personal data. Our intention is to inform you how we process the data. To this end, we have developed this Privacy policy which describes the way in which personal data are protected and processed.

Who administrates personal data

If you are our reader, if you use our services in any way or if we handle library materials that you have authored / co-authored, please be informed that your data is administered by the Polish Academy of Sciences, Palace of Culture and Science, pl. Defilad 1, 00-901 Warsaw.

Inspector in charge of protecting personal data

In order to ensure that your data are always processed in a faithful and transparent way, in compliance with the law, we have appointed an Inspector in charge of Protection of Personal Data.

You can contact the Inspector in charge of Protection of Personal Data or report irregularities in data processing at the following e-mail address:

Who has access to your data

Your personal data are never transferred, sold or exchanged for marketing purposes. The data provided to external entities are used solely to render our services or to fulfil our statutory obligations. Detailed information about processing personal data in included in the Policy below, in the chapters referring to services rendered by the Polish Academy of Sciences, Kórnik Library.

As an administrator of your personal data, the Polish Academy of Sciences, Kórnik Library ensures the required level of data protection in the IT systems by implementing and applying technical and organisational measures that guarantee that data will be protected from unauthorised processing thereof.

Do I need to provide data?

Provision of personal data is always voluntary; however, failure to provide the data marked as necessary to render services will make these services impossible to provide.

The data shared in the course of registering a reader, which make it possible to verify his/her identity, are collected in compliance with the provisions of the Act on libraries of 27 June 1997 (Official Journal 2018 item 574).

The legal bases of data processing

In the case of processing personal data obtained from you, each time we inform you if the data have been provided as per the regulations, if signing an agreement is required and if you need to provide personal data. You will also learn about the possible consequences of failure to agree to that. The legal bases of processing personal data in the Polish Academy of Sciences, Kórnik Library are presented below, in the chapters dedicated to the specific services we render.

Your rights

Since the Polish Academy of Sciences, Kórnik Library processes personal data, you can address us and demand:

  • providing information about the processed data,
  • immediate correction of false data,
  • supplementing incomplete personal data,
  • limiting data processing when their correctness has been questioned,
  • immediate removal of data processed in an unauthorised way,
  • transferring the data to another administrator in a commonly used format that can be read by a machine when data processing is based on consent or agreement and is automatized.

In special circumstances, you can lodge an objection against processing personal data which is necessary for us to complete the tasks aimed at public interest, necessary to achieve goals which stem from our legally justified interests or services rendered on the basis of agreements. In this case, we will not be allowed to process these personal data unless we provide evidence of important, legally justified bases for data processing, overriding the interests, rights and freedom of the person in question or bases for defining, submitting or defending claims.

However, when your personal data are processed for the purposes of direct marketing, you have the right to object processing thereof at any given moment, with immediate effect.

In order to benefit from the above rights, please contact by e-mail the Secretary’s Office of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Kórnik Library:

Right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body:

You have also the right to lodge a complaint to the Officer of the Data Protection Commissioner if, in your opinion, processing of personal data infringes the provisions of the GDPR regulations  of the European Union.

Updates of the Privacy policy of  the Polish Academy of Sciences, Kórnik Library

In the future, it may be necessary to update the privacy rules. Their latest version will always be available on our website.