The main library building is in a castle in Kórnik, located approx. 20 km to the south-east from Poznań.

The Castle’s coordinates are: N 52° 14′ 38,15″, E 017° 05′ 27,78″ (on a map).

It is most convenient to reach Kórnik by car or by bus (from Poznań). There is also a train connection with Kórnik.

By car

Start in Poznań, from Rataje roundabout and head for Katowice along a dual carriageway (Bolesława Krzywoustego), continue along road no. 11. The expressway (S11) will take you straight to Kórnik via Gądki and Skrzynki.
Take the exit marked “Kórnik północ” (Kórnik north) as the expressway bypasses the town.
Drive straight across Kórnik, pass the market square with a townhall and continue straight to the Castle. Turn left, drive through the gate to the (paid) car park.

By PKS bus

The buses leave from the PKS bus station in Poznań. Buses headed for  Śrem, Środa, Gostyń, Ostrów and Kalisz pass through Kórnik. The timetables are available on the website of the Poznań Motor Transport CompanyKombus Kórnik has a separate bus transport provider running a regular line with Poznań.
Two bus lines: 501 and 560, leave Poznań from Rataje roundabout, taking road no. 11 straight to Kórnik.
Get off the bus on the Kórnik market square. Next, walk past the townhall and keep walking to the castle.
Depending on the traffic in Poznań and on the road, the travel time is about 30 minutes.

By train

The trains leave from the Poznań main train station every hour on business days and the trip takes approximately 25 minutes. The timetable is available on the website of the Polish Railways.
However, access by train is more difficult because the train station is located 5 km away from the town centre. While it takes 10 minutes to get to the castle by a Kombus bus , the connections are infrequent.