Kórnik library has two reading-rooms, in Kórnik and Poznań. Both reading-rooms provide access to all of the library’s  resources except for the special collections; they can only be accessed in Kórnik. The inhabitants of Kórnik and the surrounds (Kórnik municipality, the town and municipality of Środa, the town and municipality of Śrem) can borrow some of the items (referred to in the access regulations).

The Library collections are available to all adults with identity documents. Due to the book collection’s profile, we cater especially for scholars, university students, secondary and post-secondary school students as well as other individuals involved in research.

In order to gain access to the collections, a library card is required; it is issued, free of charge, by a librarian on duty against  an identity document. Upon entering the reading-room, the visitors are requested to fill in the visitors’ book. Please leave the card with the librarian on duty; if you have books on you, please report it to the librarian.

The reading-rooms host computer workstations with access to the Internet and scanners (A4 format). It is possible for the visitors to use their own laptop computers and the WiFi Internet connection.

We also offer assistance in searching the library catalogues, bibliographic databases and digital libraries.

Reproductions of the library materials are made in accordance with the price list, following a request submitted before a librarian on duty. We do not make Xerox copies of books published before 1950, inclusive. The readers have the right to take photos of the new printed matter and journals published after 1800 with their own cameras, but with the flash turned off.